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Specialists in Stone and Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

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Specialists in Stone and Terrazzo Repair and Restoration

Our team brings a wealth of expertise in the repair and restoration of various stone materials. We take pride in our unique ability to handle in-situ terrazzo, a rare skill that sets us apart in our field.

Our Comprehensive Stone Restoration Services:

– Marble Restoration and Polishing: Specialised in reviving elegance through advanced polishing and treating various damages.

– Terrazzo Repair and In-Situ Polishing: Offering bespoke solutions for both in-situ and pre-cast terrazzo, ensuring a flawless finish and long-lasting durability.

– Granite Repair and Maintenance: Focused on restoring the resilience and beauty of granite surfaces.

– Limestone Restoration: Specialised in gentle cleaning and precise repair, ensuring the preservation of limestone’s natural elegance and texture.

– Travertine Care and Restoration: Expertise in restoring travertine’s unique pitted surface and polishing to reveal its natural, understated beauty.

– Mosaic and Geometric Flooring Services: Skilled in repairing and refurbishing intricate mosaic designs and geometric flooring, preserving their historical and aesthetic value.

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– Slate Restoration: Focused on deep cleaning, damage repair, and application of protective treatments to enhance and maintain slate’s distinct character and durability.

– Stone Facade and Walling Restoration: Providing comprehensive restoration services for stone facades and walling, including cleaning, repair, and protective treatments to withstand environmental elements.

– Historic and Listed Building Stone Work: Specialised restoration and conservation services tailored to the unique requirements of historic and listed buildings.

– Custom Stone Installation and Replacement: Precision in custom stone fitting and replacement, maintaining the integrity and continuity of existing stone architecture.

We understand that each type of stone has its unique properties and requires specific care. Our comprehensive stone restoration services are tailored to bring out the best in each material, ensuring longevity and aesthetic appeal. Contact us to discover how we can help bring new life to your stone and terrazzo surfaces.