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Fly Infestation

Effective Pest Control Solutions for Flies

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Flies in your house or premises?

Dealing with a fly infestation can be a nuisance and compromise the cleanliness and comfort of your home. Discover the main issues associated with fly infestations and how our comprehensive solutions can help you regain control over your living environment.

How We Manage & Control Flies

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fly pest control from independent pest control

Top Tips to Prevent Flies


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Frequently Asked Fly Questions

Fruit flies, and gnats are smaller species of flies that are commonly found around decaying fruits, vegetables, and organic matter. While they have some similarities, they can differ in behaviour and preferred breeding sites.

Fly zappers can be an effective tool for capturing and killing flies, especially in specific areas. However, a comprehensive approach that includes sanitation measures and targeted treatments is often necessary for complete fly control.

Blue bottles and house flies produce maggots as larvae.The most obvious sign of a fly infestation is maggots.It is common to find them in decaying food or any type of organic matter that is rotting. Often, dead animals in chimneys will cause this fly type’s larvae to fall into the fireplace, pupate, and then infest the house.